Scatter Garden and Memorial Overlook Policies

Scatter Garden and Memorial Overlook Policies

The Scatter Garden and Memorial Overlook provide burial space for those who choose cremation rather than earthen burial. The Scatter Garden is the woodsy area in the northeast corner of the cemetery that slopes away from the curved path called the Carriage Road. This is a managed habitat restoration area, carefully maintained by our staff and dedicated volunteers.

Ashes are placed in the ground (without an urn) in the garden. The bronze plaques attached to the Memorial Overlook are placed either for those whose ashes are placed in the garden or as a memorial for a loved one. The overlook also provides a quiet seating area for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the historic cemetery.

A copy of the deceased’s death certificate is not required for burial of ashes. The family may select a site for placement anywhere in the garden. As a general rule, one family member may place the ashes, but a cemetery staff member must be present. The overlook can support a group of up to 15 people at a burial service.

Bronze plaques are ordered and installed by cemetery staff. The font and style of the plaques is standard. The standard size plaque (6×2) can fit three to four lines of text. A second size (6×4) is also available. After the text is received from the family by the cemetery, the order will be placed and a proof requested from the bronze company. The ordering process takes approximately one to two months. Installation may take more time depending on the weather and staff workload.

We ask that visitors respect the sacred nature and dignity of the space by observing the following courtesies:

  • Place flowers at the scatter garden wall. Candles, glass and ceramic are not allowed.
  • Take all trash with you or deposit it in the receptacle near the Public Square.
  • Visitors and leashed dogs should stay on the gravel or bark areas at all times.
  • Families shall schedule memorial events through the cemetery association and pay all costs associated with plaques and scatter rights.

The EMCA reserves the right to change policies or prices at any time.