Scatter Garden

Eugene Masonic Cemetery Scatter Garden

The Scatter Garden provides burial spaces for those who choose to have their ashes placed directly into the ground without an urn.  It is located in a wooded area in the northeast section of the cemetery.

The Memorial Overlook sits above the area, with a bench for quiet contemplation. This is where plaques memorializing people are placed.  The Scatter Garden and Memorial Overlook are in an area that is managed habitat restoration.

The cemetery takes care of preparing the area for ashes. A family member may place the ashes if they wish, with a cemetery staff member present.  A memorial is often held at the Overlook at the  time the ashes are being buried.

Flowers may be placed at the Memorial Overlook.  Candles, glass and ceramic are not allowed.

By law, we will place 15% of the sale price of burial space into an endowment to support perpetual care of the cemetery.